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Grade 1.4418 QT900 Now on stock

09 June 2014

We now carry a range of bars in the grade EN 10088-3/95-1.4418 QT 900 which is characterised by its very good resistance to corrosion in aggressive media coupled with very good mechanical and impact properties.

Corrosion resistance (PRE = 17.95 – 22.27)  Due to its higher alloy content, 1.4418 is more resistant to corrosion than 1.4057 and the addition of molybdenum allows limited exposure to marine environments. As a result of its chemical composition and microstructure, 1.4418 is extremely resistant to intergranular corrosion, corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking

1.4418   81.000mm dia  to  161.000mm dia    K12 8-10mtrs long

Impact energy KV at -40 deg C Longitudinal and transversal direction 32J minimum

Peeled Bar to K12 tolerance in lengths of 8-10mtrs

Sraightness 0.5 mm/1000 mm

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