We’re more than a stockholder!

Here’s a fact of the day for you – stainless steel bar rarely leaves the Bird warehouse in its original bar form; the vast majority of our customers request additional processing for their order. It’s easy to see why they would when you take into account our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services to customer requirements.

The options are plenty, we offer cutting, straightening, precision grindingpolishing and packaging as additional services. We’ll forgive you if you assumed that due to the extensive range of services offered that some of the processing is outsourced – however the reality could not be further from the truth! Our in-house processing facility comprises state-of-the-art machinery alongside a skilled and experienced team which ensures a consistent, first class finish every time.

Many of our customers require their bar to be ground before it is delivered. We offer precision grinding of stainless steel long bar in a range of diameters from 2mm up to 240mm, and up to a length of 12m. Our Precision Grinding facility consists of 5 centreless grinding machines, 2 straightening presses and 1 polishing line. In short, we can handle wide, long, and high volume orders!

If you require your stainless steel to be supplied in blank form you’ll be pleased to hear that we can cut blanks to a minimum length of 10mm, with a bar diameter of up to 750mm. With 6 band saws and 1 high speed circular saw, we are ready for high volume orders as well as one off specials.

Finally, we can easily handle bespoke tolerances on our 2 straightening presses. A typical tolerance for straightness is 1mm per 1,000mm.

You don’t even have to have bought your stainless steel bar from us to be able to access our processing services. We can offer cutting and grinding on a free issue material basis.

We are proud to be much more than ‘just’ a stockholder (although we are very proud of our stockholder status too! You can browse our available grades here), and we strongly believe in providing an end to end solution for our customers, rather than simply providing a component which then has to go and be modified somewhere else. The major benefit for you of choosing Bird is that we don’t have to outsource our operations, so no waiting around for transport or having to fit in with someone else’s work schedule – the time savings are significant!  With Bird you will get 1 order acknowledgement, 1 delivery and 1 invoice. You will only have 1 part of the supply chain to manage, 1 entry to make on the purchase ledger, and 1 receipt to book into stock. All alongside our quality customer service and fast processing and delivery times.

Here’s an extra little fact to finish with – when we get visitors to our site, their main feedback is often “Oh I didn’t know you did grinding too!”. If you counted up the stainless steel stockholders in the UK who also offered in-house grinding and processing services then you would still have space left on one hand – there’s not many of us which makes the service that we provide all the more special!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch here to discuss your processing requirements with us.