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Quality Policy

We will achieve customer satisfaction by continually improving processes, products and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed requirements.

Our Quality Policy Statement indicates our commitment and focuses on what is important to us as an organisation: achieving customer satisfaction; and it prescribes the method by which we accomplish this: by continually improving processes, products, and services to ensure they consistently meet or exceed requirements. Moreover, our Quality Policy Statement acts as a compass in providing the direction and a framework for establishing key corporate level performance measures and related improvement objectives.

We ensure that our Quality Policy is communicated and understood at all levels of the organisation through documented training, regular communication, and reinforcement during employee performance reviews.

Our Quality Policy Statement is controlled by inclusion in our Quality manual and along with all policies contained in this manual, is reviewed for continuing suitability during management review meetings.

Health & Safety Commitment

By the very nature of our industry, ours is a potentially high-risk working environment. Bird Stainless is therefore totally committed to the protection of our employees, contractors, customers and the general public from any harm or loss resulting from the company’s activities.

Bird Stainless strives for continual improvement in all areas of Health, Safety and Welfare. We pursue these improvements through:

  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other statutory requirements.
  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Encouraging active communication with our employees, visitors and contractors to understand their role in improving our Health and Safety performance.
  • Working together to achieve our goal of Zero Accidents.
  • Communicating this policy statement to all interested parties.
  • Using where appropriate external sources to provide assistance and specialised competence.

Environmental Commitment

Bird Stainless places continual improvement in reducing the environmental impact of our operation at the core of our business.

We currently have solar panels, a biomass boiler and an air source heat pump meaning we no longer use gas on site.

We will continue to monitor all aspects of our business in order to reduce waste and energy use, and ensure both our staff and external contractors are aware of the impact they may have on the environment.

RoHS European Environmental Directive






Conflict Minerals Verification

With reference to the recent legislation and the use of Conflict Minerals, in the sense of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, we are able to confirm the following:

No materials supplied derive from or include such raw materials as columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, gold and/or wolframite that were mined in conditions of armed conflict and human right abuses.

We do not knowingly provide materials made by using Conflict Minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjacent countries (Angola, Burundi’ Congo, Central African Republic, Republic of Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.)

All stainless steels we buy are produced by the melting of locally recycled stainless steel scraps and without any addition of the following elements: Gold, Tin, Tantalum and/or Tungsten.

Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

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