Suppliers & Subcontractors

General Requirements for A D Bird Stainless Ltd

The following are mandatory General Requirements we expect our suppliers to fulfill.


All suppliers are to fully comply with the stated requirements of any Purchase Order for all contracts.

Behaviour Policy.

A D Bird Stainless Ltd. request that all suppliers operate and conduct their business activities in an appropriate manner ensuring that all their employees and supply chain act in an ethical and morally acceptable manner, which includes adherence to national & international laws and regulations such as The Modern Slavery Act 2015 which can include child/adult slavery and human trafficking. The Bribery Act 2010 which states it is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes and requires your approach to reducing and controlling the risks of bribery plus rules about accepting gifts, hospitality or donations. We also require your staff and supply chain to conduct their roles and responsibilities in an ethical manner which eliminates any form of bullying, misinterpretation, falsifying and behaviour deemed as detrimental to our business activities.

Right of Access.

Suppliers shall provide access to their premises and facilities for the personnel of A D Bird Stainless Ltd., our customers and regulatory authorities for co-operation on product, process and business issues.

Notification of Organisation Changes & Non-Conforming Product.

Changes to the supplier’s organisation that may affect quality and/or finance, shall be notified in advance to A D Bird Stainless Ltd. These changes may include; Company ownership, company name, manufacturing location, quality approvals, significant changes to process or inspection techniques. Any identified Non-conforming product issues either shipped or in house at the supplier shall be immediately notified to A D Bird Stainless Ltd.

Quality Management System Documentation.

The supplier shall establish and maintain a clearly documented quality system that provides a means of ensuring that products conform to specified requirements. This system shall control the issue of drawings, specifications, procedures etc. Provision shall be made for the control of obsolete copies and their subsequent archiving and dis-positioning. All records pertaining to quality shall be stored and maintained in a legible form for a minimum of 10 years. Specific projects and/or regulatory bodies may require longer retention periods and this will be notified in advance to the supplier.

Purchase Order Requirements.

The supplier shall adhere to all Purchase order stated special instructions. The PO is the controlling document and will communicate any specific contract, customer requirements. Any such changes communicated to the supplier must be confirmed by an A D Bird Stainless Ltd. amended purchase order.

Protection of A D Bird Stainless Ltd. & A D Bird Stainless Ltd. Customer’s Proprietary Information.

Any information the supplier receives from A D Bird Stainless Ltd. must be kept confidential and never disclosed to any third party without the prior written agreement of A D Bird Stainless Ltd. The proprietary information can include, but is not restricted to all versions of electronic data, drawings and documentation, Tooling and materials. Under no circumstance is the supplier to make a direct approach to A D Bird Stainless Ltd. customers in relation to agreed business dealings.

Sub-contract Conditions.

Suppliers shall not sub-contract any work awarded by A D Bird Stainless Ltd. without the prior written approval from A D Bird Stainless Ltd. If and when sub-contracting approval is granted the supplier shall ensure where applicable that in the first instance A D Bird Stainless Ltd. customer approved suppliers are utilised, and secondly if a special process is required e.g. Heat treatment, Coating, NDT, Chemical Processing, NMSE the sub-contractor shall be Nadcap approved in that relevant discipline. The supplier should ensure that subcontractors are evaluated and selected on their ability to meet specified requirements. A list of approved subcontractors shall be maintained. Purchasing documents shall clearly describe the relevant drawings and specifications including issue status and the quality requirements to be applied.

A D Bird Stainless Ltd.