Customer Survey – our thanks!

We have just competed our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, sent out on email to all our customers and we would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who responded.  It really is helpful to get genuine feedback for several reasons…Sure we all get things wrong at times, and where you’ve told us something has gone awry, we are doing our utmost to put it right, and to prevent it happening again.

Mishaps aside, we like to think that we are a friendly family business that gets it right (nearly!) every time.  And we are delighted to hear that reflected to us in some of the comments from the survey.  That way too, we get to know what it is our customers value, so we can continue doing those things.

We thought you might like to hear some of the comments – we promise these are genuine!


“Pleasant knowledgeable and helpful staff”

“Personal service and experience of sales team is very high”

“Very much feel part of the “Family” when I have dealings with anybody”

“Staff fast & efficient”

Response Times

“Speedy response to enquiries, good delivery times”

“You do what you say”

Products and stock levels

“Generally everything I require is in stock for a quick delivery”

“Product range is unique in the U.K.”

“Good product range”

“Goods always well packed”


“Good price : quality ratio”

“Currently receiving best prices from Birds”

Net Promoter Score

Finally, we asked one more question, namely

“How likely is it that you would recommend Birds / AKM to a friend / colleague?”  This question, called the Net Promoter Score, is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.  It gauges a customer’s willingness to recommend us to others and because it is a standard question that is asked by many companies across many sectors, it gives us an opportunity to benchmark ourselves against others and to check if we are continually improving year on year.  We are delighted to report that our overall score was 57% and given that most companies are in the range of 30-50, we are please to be above average.  However, we won’t be happy unless we are improving year on year, and are up in the 70’s, so once again, thank you for all your comments which will help us get there.  We’ll endeavour to keep hold of the things you sang our praises for and to improve those where the school report says “Could do better”!